How Competency Frameworks Improve Employee Engagement

April 10, 2020

The drive to achieve competitiveness and excellence is everybody’s business. Satisfying stakeholder needs is what keeps the doors open. Yet, consecutive Deloitte surveys highlight that over 66% of employees are not engaged in either of those pursuits. Adding HOW to the WHATSmart organizations are realizing that while quantifiable performance targets might be met for a while, how they are being achieved might not be sustainable. For example, colleagues might be intimidated in the quest for results. Clients might be short-changed in the drive to cut costs. The central role of the HOW in sustaining excellence has revitalized interest in developing Competency Frameworks. Competency Frameworks identify the skills, aptitude, attitude and work environment required to complete e...Read More

How Poor Onboarding And Orientation Frustrate New Employees

April 10, 2020

“It appears as if I was not expected. There is talk of culture but several weeks in nothing about corporate culture has been communicated to me. I must just play it by ear until the next Orientation scheduled for the end of the quarter“. FIRST IMPRESSIONS How would you feel if you turned up all excited about your new job only to receive lukewarm treatment? You may feel as if you are an intruder or a bother. You are full of energy as you join but the long wait to get clarity as to what you are about drains away some of your enthusiasm. This influences how you view the organization and gives you cause to wonder if you made a bad decision.  If this continues for some time it may negatively impact your motivation, compounding the already low levels of emp...Read More

Trust Is Good But Control Is Better

April 10, 2020

The issues of corruption and governance are topical and affect us all.Administrators voice commitment but appear unable to get a handle on the problem. I have been following the issues with keen interest and feel compelled to shed some light on them. TRACKING AND MONITORINGThe quote in the title about control was from the CEO of a German company. It goes to the heart of some of the challenges that leaders have in curbing corruption and exercising good governance. Even if an organization is blessed with the best policies and procedures, they do no good if the entity is not able to track and monitor compliance across the board. The German CEO’s control factor is what is missing. The will might be there. However, the capacity to effectively monitor compliance might be ...Read More