ECF2.0 brings static Competency Frameworks to life!

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ECF2.0 ??? The Organizational Perspective

E-COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK 2.0 (ECF2.0) is the answer to modern Workforce Planning. In a nutshell, it lays out in clear terms the pathways to performance excellence in an organization. ECF2.0 captures, gains consensus and communicates the behaviors that are aligned to the values of the organizations and which drive high performance.
Unlike staid, fixed competency-based approaches, ECF2.0 infuses technology to give the framework a dynamic role from Recruitment, through Training Needs Analysis, Learning & Development planning, Work Plan development, Performance Management, Career & Succession Planning and Reward structures.


ECF2.0 cascades values through the organization in such a way that it is communicated at all levels in terms of not only what is done but critically, why it is done and how it is to be done.
ECF2.0 defines the knowledge, skills, personality, attitude, values and norms that are required at each level for each role.


ECF2.0 informs the recruitment & selection of staff to achieve right person, in right role under right style of leadership. It matches existing competences against what is desired (Gap Analysis) and pivots Learning & Development to fill gaps.
ECF2.0 lays out transparent career pathways and supports succession planning. Above all, it provides a pervasive reminder of ???who we are??? and what behaviours and actions are aligned to that common understanding.


ECF2.0 is a boon to Performance Management and Appraisal. The descriptors/identifiers are linked to each level in respect of each competence spell out in clear, easy to follow language how things are to be done.
EXF2.0 outlines observable behaviours which facilitates daily performance management and productivity enhancement. Contentious performance appraisals are rare.

The ECF2.0 And You

  • Gives clarity about what your unit does and how it does it.
  • Shows the relationship of your role with other positions.
  • Outlines the key skills, abilities, knowledge, antl attitude required for your role.
  • Supports identification and analysis of skill gaps.
  • Provides structure for process review and strategic planning.
  • Places your role in the context of the overall structure.
  • Adds objectivity to personal and group performance appraisal.
  • Supports Career Development & Succession Planning by defining role requirements at all levels.
  • Lays out learning objectives for roles with clarity.
  • Supports SWOT Analysis and identification of Disks.

Did You Know
SPIKE includes a fully developed, customizable E-Competency Framework?

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