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Government & Compliance

History provides examples of tragic consequences of weak Governance & Compliance in organizations. Having an effective, technology-driven compliance management solution is an imperative for every organization.


Outline standards, regulations and responsibilities in a readily accessible electronic solution. Cover all Governance & Compliance issues. Policy & Procedure Manuals come to life here. Link the standards to the Learning Management features of the SPIKE solution.


SPIKE facilitates the tracking of any activity by any member of staff or across the entire organization. Assign tasks and delivery to groups or individuals and track their completion. Upload forms and templates.
SPIKE has an Audit Trail in place to support further investigation.


The integrated SPIKE database and powerful reporting features generate reports for authorities, regulators, the Board and Management Committees.
User-friendly on-screen and downloadable customizable reports provide real-time information on Compliance Items; Compliance Groups and Individuals.