Learning Management

SPIKE???s built-in Learning Management System allows you to set up learning and coaching regimes and track compliance with them.

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Did You Know
Reinforcement is a critical ingredient of effective knowledge transfer. Studies highlight poor retention levels.

Maximize your Learning & Development investment by adopting laser-focused targeting. Adopt spear fishing instead of net fishing.
Cascade purpose, values, vision and mission into competences with distinct identifiers and descriptors at each level and for different role families. Test for competency gaps and train to fill those gaps.
SPIKE facilitates that approach by linking e-Competency Framework 2.0 (ECF2.0) to your built-in Learning Management System. Everything on the same platform sharing the same database!


ECF2.0 is the compass that guides the Learning & Development planning process. It outlines the skills, attitudes, knowledge, aptitudes that drive performance. Developing those is the purpose of the L& D function.


By incorporating a built-for-purpose Learning & Compliance Management solution, SPIKE allows you to train more team members, more frequently, across more subject areas, in greater depth for LESS!


Training content is available 24/7/365 from any location on any smart device. Quickly upload your own content and distribute it in a flash ??? to a single individual, group, department or to the global target population.

Training Model

linked to the e- competency framework it provides a platform for implementing a competency-based training model.


Learning & Development

Ongoing 24/7 access to training content to arrest the steep decline in retention levels that have been highlighted by research from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).

You Can
Verify the impact of training interventions by incorporating assessments

For example, you can set up quizzes or formal assessments that check learning in the context of the learning objectives of the program.