Get new recruits off to a great start and have them hit the road running Day -30 with the SPIKE Pre-Onboarding feature

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Why is SPIKE e-Onboarding important?

  • It makes the new hire feel at home and comfortable in their new environment
  • It equips new starts to be productive without undue delay
  • It engenders the building of relationships that is essential to maintaining positive team spirit
  • It minimizes new hire frustration and costly early departure
  • It frees up valuable HR resources for more productive use

Why is SPIKE Pre-Onboarding Important?

  • It maximizes the interval between offer acceptance and Day 1
  • It fast tracks much of the transfer of documents that tie up productive time on the job
  • It shares vital values, vision and policy insights that are central to appropriate mindset on Day 1
  • It identifies and sets about filling skills gaps prior to Day 1
  • It provides early insights into key team members and their roles
  • It reduces the incidence of bad episodes with customers (internal and external)

Did You Know
Finally, a practical solution to the vexed issue of Onboarding and Orientation of new recruits!

Use the SPIKE self-onboarding platform to give new hires a smooth, stress-free, information-rich induction experience


Ensure that there is clarity with respect to roles and expectations. What is our purpose and what are our core values.


Share key core and technical competences that are required in the role. Conduct skills gap analyses. Provide access to training.


Bad hiring outcomes are not limited to poor screening and selection. The message that is sent to new recruits at the very outset can make all the difference between onboarding heroes or zeroes. Perception is akin to reality. Tell your story directly and early. Don???t let the lunch room orient your recruits!

Set up an easily tracked schedule

Prepare e-schedules that detail actions and actors right through to confirmation in the job.


Learning & Development

Introduce staff electronically with video/audio clips. Schedule and track new hire introduction meetings, mandatory training and other onboarding requirements

Manage activity

SPIKE facilitates the tracking of any activity by any member of staff or across the entire organization. Assign tasks and delivery to groups or individuals and track their completion. Upload forms and templates. SPIKE has an Audit Trail in place to support further investigation.


You Can
Give easy access to an online repository of important documents, like employee handbooks, harassment guidelines etc.

Set up new recruits in the SPIKE database and immediately bring them under the control of the system. Have employees submit data and upload documents that can be verified and tracked to reduce HR time spent in routine transactions

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