Performance Management

SPIKE enables improved performance by maintaining goal alignment, regular checking-in on progress, course-correction and user-friendly tracking and reporting mechanisms.

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Did You Know
You can track your objectives on an ongoing basis

The SPIKE differentiator is its capacity to facilitate ongoing Performance Appraisal and Management. Electronic Work Plans monitor performance against targets weekly. The powerful Compliance Management feature allows for the assignment of activities and responsibilities and tracks their completion.

E-Work Plans

Breakdown annual strategic plans into weekly electronic activities that are tracked to ensure that objectives are met.

Track and Audit

Monitor progress at any time and add comments in relation to each assignment

Get Notified

A built-in notification system facilitates the assignment of tasks, the provision of reminders and escalation for non-compliance.


SPIKE provides convenient tracking on an ongoing basis. Establish the goals, identify the indicators and let SPIKE???s tracking and notification features guide you to success time after time.



Perform 90,180,360 degree performance reviews against the rigorous competency structure from the e-Competency Framework 2.0 or from your own competency library

Did You Know
You can Notify employees automatically of due/overdue assignments, activities, reviews

From performance reviews and real-time feedback to goal management and employee engagement, the SPIKE platform is flexible enough to support your Talent & Performance Management strategies.

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